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SAHRC, singer Steve Hofmeyr settle out of court

15 Mar 2023

STEVE Hofmeyr and the SAHRC have reached an agreement after his comments made on social media relating to the LGBTQI+ community.

THE SA Human Rights Commission SAHRC reached an outofcourt settlement agreement with singer Steve Hofmeyr on his hate speech remarks relating to the LGBTQI+ community. On Monday, the SAHRC announced that a settlement was reached with Hofmeyr in a matter pertaining to comments he made on social media relating to the LGBTQI+ community. The settlement agreement has been made an order of court. Hofmeyr made the comments following Disney's announcement that its characters would become more inclusive.
In a nowdeleted Facebook post, Hofmeyr said this did not sit well with conservative parents. "While my generation learnt to speak to mice, ducks and dogs, our children will be taught how to have sex with mice, ducks and dogs," he said. He went on to say: "You think it's weird, but let me tell you why I'm saying this. "Those relationships with animals are part of that '+' at the end of the LGBTQI; that includes those kinds of relationships with animals." The SAHRC said as part of the settlement, Hofmeyr among others agreed to: Tender an unconditional apology for his comments, forming the subject of this litigation the impugned statements , while acknowledging that the statements he made were hurtful to members of the LGBTQI+ community, and members of the public who found his comments offensive.

Pay the amount of R100 000 as a settlement amount to the second applicant, OUT LGBT Wellbeing, which is a nonprofit organisation that works to ensure the health, wellbeing and human rights of the LGBTQI+ community. Attend a diversity and inclusivity conversation to be arranged by the SAHRC. The SAHRC welcomed the settlement as a positive step towards promoting diversity and protecting the rights of all individuals, including those who identify as LGBTQI+. "We believe that this settlement reinforces the importance of cultivating tolerance, understanding and respect for all human beings and upholding the right to dignity for all regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other personal characteristic," the SAHRC said. "We urge all South Africans to be mindful of the dangers of using social media platforms to share or post comments which may be hurtful or in some cases harmful to others. "We live in a diverse society where people have the right to express their opinions and beliefs, but this must be done in a manner that does not infringe on the rights of others. "We call on all South Africans to engage in respectful, positive and constructive dialogue, which recognises and celebrates our differences." The SAHRC reiterated that it remains committed to advancing human rights in South Africa and will continue to take action against hurtful speech in all its forms.

Source: Daily News

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