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SAHRC demands public apology from 'pit bull racist' Belinda Magor

29 November 2022

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has issued a letter of demand to Benoni's Belinda Magor, who is accused of a racist rant.

TimesLIVE identified Magor, the owner of JCS Office Support, after a voice note was leaked from WhatsApp group “Pit bulls be my voice” last week.

In her one-minute, seven-second tirade, Magor said: “Estelle, I agree with you wholeheartedly. What I say is: ban the black man. They rape, they steal, they kill, worse than any pit bull could, and they get away with it. Ban those who are making the laws, ban Ekurhuleni, ban the black man. Get all the black women and cut out their uteruses and their ovaries [so] that they can't procreate, because they will all turn out the same because they are all the same.”

Magor, 60, was arrested on Saturday and granted station bail after a case of crimen injuria was opened by the Azanian People's Organisation (Azapo) on Friday at Boksburg North police station and transferred to Putfontein police station for investigation.

Her case is due in court on March 27 next year, said police spokesperson Lt-Col Mavela Masondo.

SAHRC commissioner advocate Andre Gaum said the organisation is not investigating the matter against Magor. “Instead, it has exercised its discretion to rather send a letter of demand to the respondent,” he said.

“If the demands are not met, the commission may take the matter to the Equality Court.”

Gaum said among its demands were a public apology and he urged those investigating charges against Magor to act swiftly.  

“The crimen injuria matter is a criminal matter that should be dealt with effectively and efficiently by those with criminal justice mandates — the SAPS, NPA and the court.”

Other charges against her are inciting violence, genocide and hate speech.

On Monday members of Azapo picketed outside Magor's property, calling for her to leave the country, with its  secretary for publicity and information, Gaontebale Nodoba, saying she was a disgrace to womanhood.

“She said despicable things and has proven that she is an unapologetic racist, she is unrepentant and in our view racism runs through her blood and is part of her DNA.”

Nodoba said Azapo had launched a petition urging black South Africans to open cases against Magor, whose landlord served her with a 30-day eviction notice on Friday after her identity was revealed by the media.

Source: TimesLIVE

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