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Kaunda: Covid diagnosis during unrest limited my knowledge of situation

28 February 2022

eThekwini Mayor Mxolisi Kaunda says his knowledge of the July unrest is limited because he was down with Covid-19 at the time.

"Most of the damage had already occurred by then. My personal understanding of the causes was constrained or limited by the fact that I was in isolation and my primary sources of information were the media, social networks and what was told to me by others."

The South African Human Rights Commission hearings into the July Unrest are continued on Monday in Sandton.

Mxolisi has told the commission he tried to help restore order through his social media accounts - where he made a series of posts.

"I embarked on several attempts to restore calm and order which included the following: On the 5th of July 2021, I posted on my Facebook page a message to the effect that the support for the former president Zuma was a guided and principled one and there must be no detour from that mission."

"Secondly, on the 9th of July, I posted on my Facebook again a message to the effect that much as the situation was hurtful, nothing should be destroyed and no blood should be shed and people should be on the look out for opportunists who were out to perpetuate criminality."

Source: East Coast Radio

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