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Media Advisory: The Commission’s Child Rights Unit commemorates National Youth Day

Attention: Editors and Reporters

14 June 2024

The Child Rights Unit (CRU) of the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) will be honoring National Youth Day on June 17, 2024, in Olivenhoutbosch.

This day is observed annually on June 16 to commemorate the bravery and resilience of the youth in pursuit of justice and equality. It holds deep significance in South Africa's history as it marks the Soweto Uprising of 1976, where many young people lost their lives protesting against the compulsory teaching of Afrikaans in black township schools by the Apartheid regime.

The CRU recognizes and honours the spirit of the youth who fought for equality, justice, and democracy. They will be hosting a dialogue on June 17, 2024, in Olivenhoutbosch aimed at empowering the youth and children by addressing the prevalent issues affecting them. The objectives of this engagement include educating the youth on their human rights and responsibilities, providing information on career opportunities, highlighting their agency in the country's development, giving them a platform to voice their concerns and ideas, fostering unity and solidarity, and encouraging them to be active participants in serving their community.


The purpose of this engagement will be to achieve the following objectives:

  • To educate the youth on human rights and responsibilities, emphasizing their role as custodians of these values.
  • To share information and guidance on career opportunities, helping to pave the way for a brighter future.
  • To sensitize the youth on their agency in the socio-economic and political development of the country. highlighting their potential as catalysts for change.
  • To empower the youth with a platform to voice their concerns, ideas and aspirations for positive change in their community, fostering an environment of active participation and dialogue.
  • Inspire unity and solidarity through social harmony in the community reinforcing the importance of collective action and support inline.
  • To encourage young people to be active participants in serving their community as agents of change promoting the spirit of service and leadership.


The CRU hopes that this initiative will empower the youth to be advocates for positive change in their community and continue striving for human rights, justice, equality, and democracy.


For further information or inquiries, please contact Wisani Baloyi on 081 016 8308 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Issued by the South African Human Rights Commission


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