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Position Statement on Human Rights and Elections in the Digital Age

In 2024, over 70 countries across the globe will be embarking on pivotal electoral processes that shape the future of their democracies and more people are expected to vote in national elections than ever before. At the same time, the nature of elections has been transformed by the rise of digital technologies, in particular social media platforms and their use in election campaigning and dissemination of information, and by the deployment of technology in elections management and administration.

Recognizing the magnitude of this global electoral landscape, this position statement is issued by the Digital Rights Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) in recognition of the significance of the global electoral landscape in 2024. As guardians of human rights, we acknowledge the unprecedented role that technologies play in modern elections, and we affirm our commitment to guiding and monitoring their deployment in a manner that upholds the principles of democracy, transparency, accountability, and the protection and promotion of human rights.

Click here to read the full statement Election document EC

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