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18 September 2012 

By Kayum Ahmed, SAHRC CEO

If you could choose to belong to any racial group, which one would you choose? Forget about the colour of your skin, your ethnic origin, or your mother tongue for a moment.
Would you stick to the racial group that you have historically been assigned to, or would you change your race?

02 October 2011

By Pregs Govender, SAHRC Deputy Chairperson, responsible for Basic Services & Health Care

Plant a tree - preserve our planet: a simple, profound idea. In 1977 Africa’s first Woman Nobel Peace Prize-winner, formed the Green Belt Movement. Built on the recognition and value of rural women’s contribution, it became a catalyst for global change. Wangari Muta Maathai understood humanity’s integral connection to the earth ‘I am part and parcel of the earth...whether you are alive or dead, you are still part of it.”This tribute honours her words of clarity and wisdom.

25 February 2011

By the South African Human Rights Commission and Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute (SPII).
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The Human Rights Commission is the national institution established to support constitutional democracy. It is committed to promote respect for, observance of and protection of human rights for everyone without fear or favour.

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